Who's coming to True North? Leaders from Adobe, Amazon, Aeryon Labs, Athena Software, Buzzfeed, Canadian Tire, Fiix Software, GM, Google, Kik, Mattel, Pixar, Reddit, Samsung, Shopify, Uber and more!

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Technology is inevitable. But what does it mean to be human in a tech-driven world? As we speed towards an unknown future, there are fundamental, difficult and sometimes scary issues that will divide and unite us.

True North is a three-day conversation about the intersection of humans and technology. It’s an opportunity to imagine and re-imagine the impact of technology — the good and the bad. To examine the values that guide technology innovation. And to redefine tech as a force for good. Join us for provocative and positive viewpoints, transformative workshops and vibrant social mash-ups.

Join the conversation about AI, fake news, diversity and other issues that make us afraid and/or hopeful.


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