I’m Going To True North: Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky

Sara Jalali

March 27, 2018

Meet Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky. Dave has lived in Waterloo Region since he graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1988 with a degree in math and computer science. Later, as an executive at BlackBerry, he supported collaboration between the business community and the university. Dave was a founding member of the group that organized the FIRST Robotics Waterloo competition for high school students.

This video series features short messages from people who will be attending True North, Communitech’s biggest conference, which will be held for the first time in May 2018. True North will bring together influencers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, developers, scientists, and game changers for crucial conversations about the future of tech as a force for good. From the impact of artificial intelligence to issues of diversity to the spread of “fake news,” leaders and innovators have become the focus of a conversation that has the potential to reshape our values and beliefs around tech’s role in humanity.
We asked him: “Why are you going to True North?”

Video by Sara Jalali.

We wish to thank everyone who supported the production of this video.

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