Jad Saliba
Jad Saliba

Founder and CTO, Magnet Forensics

My Sessions

Jad Saliba is former digital forensics investigator who left policing to develop software solutions that dramatically improve digital investigations. Saliba is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Magnet Forensics, a provider of tools that police and security agencies around the world use to recover, analyze and report on digital evidence in investigations of human trafficking, child exploitation, fraud and terrorism.

Jad is an internationally recognized speaker at industry events and police leadership conferences. He consults for police agencies globally in the efforts to combat child sexual exploitation online. He and Magnet Forensics are members of the Virtual Global Taskforce to Combat Child Exploitation Online, a multilateral forum for governments and the technology industry to collaborate on solutions to this growing global issue. Jad also serves on the board of directors of the Child Rescue Coalition, a charity committed to protecting children globally from sexual abuse. Jad served as a police officer for the Waterloo Regional Police Service for seven years. He holds a Diploma in Computer Science and Network Security from Mohawk College.

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