Loren Padelford
Loren Padelford

Loren Padelford, Vice President & GM, Shopify

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Success is a choice we all make everyday, at least that’s Loren Padelfords opinion. Over the past four years Loren and Shopify have been at the nexus of entrepreneurship, commerce and technology, helping 600,000+ start-ups get off the ground, and Fortune 500 companies reinvent themselves, while at the same time growing Shopify into a $14B global commerce platform.

With a BA in Psychology from the University of Guelph and an MBA in Marketing from University of Liverpool, Padelford wears many hats at Shopify including VP of Shopify Plus, where he leads Shopify’s commerce solution for high-growth, high-volume merchants like Kylie Jenner, Rebecca Minkoff, FashionNova, Ring, RedBull, etc.; and the head of Shopify’s regulated products team, providing safe, secure and reliable commerce capabilities to the cannabis, alcohol and pharmaceuticals industries.

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