Why Waterloo Region

About @WaterlooRegion

Waterloo Region is a place where tradition meets tech. It’s a vibrant, globally ranked technology ecosystem. It’s home to a diverse, skilled population driving world-leading innovation and research in AI, quantum computing, medical sciences and digital tech.

Waterloo companies and entrepreneurs have created technologies that have helped shape the world we live in: from smartphones, to satellites, to search technology. Our tech-driven economy is balanced by manufacturing companies, insurance giants and agri-business. We live and work in reclaimed factories, shop at farmers’ markets and are reminded – every day – of our cultural, industrial and historical roots.

Just an hour’s drive from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, Waterloo Region is part of the Toronto-Waterloo corridor, a dense tech cluster with 15,000 tech companies, 200,000 tech workers, and 5,200 startups. It’s a corridor of innovation in digital, data and hardware tech. And home to some of the most dynamic, creative firms and entrepreneurs in Canada. Plan your visit to Waterloo Region with Explore Waterloo Tourism.

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