Here’s where we stop talking about how tech has gone wrong and start getting specific about how to do things right. The True North Tech for Good Declaration sessions are hands-on workshops that will engage participants in exploring what Tech for Good really means.

In this workshop, we’ll work together to develop key attributes for organizations to adopt as they align their organization toward Tech for Good. We’ll have some open, pointed discussions, hear from business leaders who have created organizations worth emulating and examine national and international data from research conducted by Deloitte and IPSOS.


The goal of the workshop is to produce something real. Something concrete. Ok, probably a PDF, but it will be a set of clear directives, a declaration from True North attendees about the guiding principles that all aspiring organizations should follow on their way to Tech for Good.


This is a living Declaration. The output from the workshops will be housed on the website, where we welcome input from attendees and those passionate about making the world a better place with tech. Participants in the workshop will be publicly recognized as a contributor to the Declaration.



We’re hosting two sessions of the workshop on May 30 during True North. Both sessions will be open to a max of fifty five True North attendees. Registration information for the sessions will be sent after you register for True North. You can register for the workshop and select a session on the True North Workshop Registration form.