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By: True North Team
November 10, 2018

With more than 2,200 attendees from five continents, two days of unbelievable sessions and a whirlwind tour of the Waterloo Region cultural scene, True North 2018 blew away even our high expectations for the inaugural year.

But one of the things we were proudest about was the feeling of community and inclusiveness at the conference. We had a massive response to our True North 2018 attendee survey, and that was a consistent part of the feedback. It was a conference about tech, but it didn’t really feel like a tech conference. People seemed to just get it: we need to have a different kind of conversation about technology and everyone should be included.

Maybe it was the way we included the Waterloo Region community in a global conference and festival or the fact that we offered ticket tiers that enabled people from community groups and startups to attend and participate in the Building an Equitable Tech Community session. We asked hard questions about the tech industry whether detoxing the bro economy with Sarah Lacy or urging AI designers to think beyond ethics with University of Waterloo professor Marcel O’Gorman. Whatever it was, the True North team is doubling down on building an inclusive conversation around a global community.

So, let’s keep moving this conversation forward. Tweet out the #TrueNorth19 hashtag and tell us what Tech for Good means to you. Sign up to receive updates and stay up-to-date about what we’re working on. Reach out to us at with your ideas and vision.

We have the momentum. We can create the future together.