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  • True North 2019 brought together 2,500 of the brightest, boldest, carbon-based badasses to Canada’s hottest tech community. They rolled up their sleeves to help make Tech for Good the core of digital life, work and play.

    Why Attend?

    “One of the best conferences of the year!!” 

    “The buzz is incredible! So many innovative and creative bodies in one space from all over the world!”

    “ True North is becoming an important international conference and it’s right here in Ontario.

    “The vibe is awesome! There is so much energy, it’s great.” 

    “2,500 of the region’s greatest minds in one place.” 

    “Everybody who is anybody is at True North.” 

    Why Waterloo Region?

    For over 150 years, Waterloo Region has been the hub of innovation in Canada.

    From tanneries to distilleries, vacuum tube radios to the first smartphone – the world has been shaped by Canadian innovations built in Waterloo Region. We have one of the fastest-growing tech ecosystems in the world with market-defining companies like Vidyard, Shopify and North operating in a distinctly collaborative culture set in unique and transformed industrial spaces. Top-notch universities and research institutes play side-by-side with global enterprises, scaling companies  and a vibrant startup scene.

    Conference Location

    It all happens @LOT42

    LOT42 is a revitalized industrial campus with more than 17 acres of flexible space for limitless cultural, professional and community applications. The former steel production facility is the primary location for True North conference and workshop activity. And the perfect place to talk about transformation.

    2019 Recap

    2019 Speakers


    True North Festival

    This is how we do.

    Waterloo Region is about building cool things together. That’s what we do here. For us, working, playing, helping, giving, celebrating, are all part of the ethos. Maybe we need a word for it, but it’s all at the True North Festival. (+ more)

    For True North attendees, it’s like having a savvy local guide to show you all the hidden gems in a new town. For Waterloo Region’s locals, it’s a way to rediscover the community you thought you knew, and show our international guests what makes this place so extraordinary: You!

    With our top-notch universities, research institutes and collaborative culture, our startup scene is one of the fastest-growing tech ecosystems in the world. But it’s people that make Waterloo Region our world-class home.

    Interested in having your business or organization involved in the True North Festival?
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    Our partners make True North a reality. If you’re reading this and not yet a sponsor, there’s still time to be part of the True North movement.

    Contact Janelle Chalouhi for more information. Thank you to our 2019 partners: