Age of Re-Learning

Automation, artificial intelligence, globally-distributed teams, the gig economy — as the world of work continues to evolve, so must the world of education, training and skills development. We need to keep pace and make sure we’re prepared to participate and contribute. We need to figure out how to invest in humanity to future-proof ourselves, our communities and our organizations.

This is the age of re-learning. Where learning is a constant, lifelong activity with huge impact on economics, equality and happiness.

Age of Re-Learning speakers include:

Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist

Thomas Friedman

Tom Friedman will explore the opportunity offered by artificial intelligence to empower every worker to engage in lifelong learning on their own time, and to have their learning recognized and rewarded.

President and CEO, Manulife

Roy Gori

Roy Gori will talk about the forces shaping how and where we work. He’ll focus on how we can band together to be better prepared to keep pace with the rate of change that technology brings with it.