Building Bridges, Not Walls

True North examines our responsibilities and interdependencies as creators of tech and as global citizens. What futures we can imagine, and how to choose (or invent) the right path. Our obligations to the planet, to the village, to each other.

How technology might enable every person, every community, every country to connect and to thrive. How cities get smarter and evolve. How tech impacts fringe groups and groups on the fringes. And what policy, control and freedom look like in a tech-driven tomorrow.

Building Bridges, Not Walls speakers include:

Editor-at-large of Recode, host of the Recode Decode podcast and executive producer of the Code Conference

Kara Swisher

Hear from Silicon Valley’s most feared and well-liked journalist. Kara Swisher shines a light on the Web’s major players and the Internet policy issues that both unite and divide us.

Founder and CEO of Shopify

Tobi Lutke

Tobi Lutke has changed the way ecommerce works. Plus, he’s an advocate for computer literacy and education as the great leveller. He has big ideas for bringing commercialization opportunities to the developing world.

Founder and CEO, shift7

Megan Smith

Megan Smith is an award-winning entrepreneur, engineer and tech evangelist. She was a VP at Google for eleven years and Chief Technology Officer for the U.S government. She created shift7 to combine public service and tech for faster, scaled social impact.