Living Digital

Technology makes us more efficient, more productive and more connected. It links us to one another and the world around us. But it also impacts our safety, our privacy, our mental health and physical wellbeing.

Living Digital looks at the way technological change continuously alters every aspect of our lives: our homes, our commute, our work, our health and our relationships to each other and the planet.

Living Digital speakers include:

Inventor of the World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee

It’s a rare thing for a person to invent something as monumental and world-changing as the web. It’s rarer still to understand and plan for the possibility that your invention could easily be misused and altered in problematic ways. Tim has seen the future again, and this time it’s a web that works for people.

Director of Product at the Microsoft Research Montréal AI lab

Mohamed Musbah

As machine learning algorithms and AI continue to make more important decisions in our lives and our communities, how do we design for fairness and impartiality?

Chief Officer of Innovation Labs and New Ventures for Interac

Debbie Gamble

An expert in mobile commerce, digital ID and cryptocurrency solutions, Debbie is one of Canada’s foremost authorities on the digital economy. She knows how to keep your money safe.