Reporter, The Logic

Jessica Galang

Speaking Session:

Tech in the #MeToo Era Panel

Thursday, June 20 @ 1:30 PM – 2:15 Stage A

In 2017, Uber engineer Susan Fowler blew the whistle on sexual harassment inside the Silicon Valley behemoth, launching a worldwide conversation about the place of women and their experience in the tech sector. Since then, others in tech have been emboldened to call out misconduct inside their respective companies. This panel will explore how the broader #MeToo movement has influenced the tech space globally, its potential to fundamentally change how women are treated at work and where there’s still lots of progress to be made.

Jessica Galang is a reporter at The Logic. In the past, she’s acted as BetaKit’s news editor, where she tracked the growth of Canada’s tech ecosystem with breaking stories and features. Over the past several years, she’s interviewed hundreds of founders from industries at the cutting edge of technology, and hosted panels at conferences like SaaS North and the BC Tech Summit. She has a journalism degree from Ryerson University.

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