Director of Product Management

Liu Yang

Speaking Session:

Elevate vs. Automate: Take responsibility to help users achieve full potential and reduce job displacement

Thursday, June 20 @ 11:50 AM - 12:15 PM Stage B

Automation and the use of artificial intelligence are common elements of tech products as they provide higher efficiency and provide better quality on workflow output. But these elements are a double-edged sword: There could be an awkward transition phase as the technology we create causes users themselves to be displaced.

Product Teams in Saas have a responsibility to consider the impact that products have on users as part of this transition. They need to understand user aspirations for their role and department, and how to create the tools that will support them. They need to build functionality so users can be elevated within their organization, not fall victim to job displacement. This work needs to happen now, to prepare for an automated future. Read More

Dr. Liu Yang is a Product leader at Bonfire, a sourcing and procurement platform built to improve public sector buying decisions. Prior to Bonfire, Liu spent more than 15 years applying data-driven analytical methods and product management practices to solve problems in life sciences, the energy industry and human resources. 

Liu received an Honours joint degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. She went on to study at the Johns Hopkins University with a focus on applying analytical methods to biological systems where she received her PhD in Electrical Engineering.

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