VP of Commercial Operations, at a confidential AI explainability startup

Liz O'Sullivan

Speaking Session:

The Rise of Social Enterprise – Shad Canada Panel

Wednesday, June 19 @ 1:40 PM – 2:05 PM Stage B

Innovation to what end? Innovation can boost the economy and improve quality of life, but it can also cause havoc and damage the environment, produce waste and negatively impact people. With the growing popularity of social enterprise, we explore why more tech entrepreneurs are reaching for a triple bottom line.

Sarah Doyle, Director of Policy and Research at the Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will lead a discussion about the choice to start a tech career with social impact as the primary goal and the personal mission to create positive change. The panel will discuss the difficult process of building momentum, the need for resilience and the satisfaction that comes with success in a social enterprise.

Panelists at three-stages of the startup evolution and all graduates of the Shad Canada program.

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Liz O’Sullivan is the VP of Commercial Operations at an AI explainability startup that’s currently in stealth mode, and that’s all she can say about that for now! 

She has written about AI for the American Civil Liberties Union and was featured in articles on ethical AI in the New York Times and other publications. Liz has worked in tech and AI for more than 10 years, holding various leadership roles ranging from customer delivery and support to sales and solutions architecture. Her passion for ethics springs from her degree in philosophy from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

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