Smart Waterloo Region Lead

Matthew Chandy

Speaking Session:

Building a Smart City with a Purpose

Thursday, June 20 @ 2:15 PM - 2:30 PM

In 2017, the Government of Canada launched the Smart Cities Challenge to encourage communities to look at how technology and data can help address their most pressing problems. Waterloo Region chose to go with a non-traditional approach to smart cities and leverage its growing technology sector to overcome a social issue – challenges relating to healthy children and youth.

This session will show how Waterloo Region developed a proposal to transform the way communities support child and youth wellbeing and measure success, by bringing together technology, social service, research and government sectors. Read More

Matthew Chandy manages the Office of Regional Economic Development at the Region of Waterloo. He lead the development of the Smart Waterloo Region proposal to the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge focusing on healthy children and youth. Waterloo Region was shortlisted as a finalist community in the spring of 2018.

Matthew and the Smart Waterloo Region team developed a smart cities proposal that brought together partners from the technology and social services to make Waterloo Region the best community in Canada for kids. The proposal includes over 40 technology and data-enabled solutions and over $105 million in partner contributions.

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