Director of Product, Microsoft Research

Mohamed Musbah

Speaking Session:

Building literate, responsible machines

Wednesday, June 19 @ 11:15 AM - 11:35 AM Stage B

Teaching machines to read, reason and communicate effectively has long been a dream for AI researchers. As we continue to build, use and improve intelligent agents, how do we ensure that individuals and communities can trust these systems? How do we balance the need for technological progress with fairness and sensitivity?

Mohamed Musbah will explore the work being done by Microsoft Research Montreal to advance AI systems toward becoming literate machines and the intersection of these efforts with FATE (fairness, accountability, transparency and ethics) research. Mohamed will also discuss the importance of developing computational techniques that are both innovative and ethical, while drawing on the deeper context surrounding these issues from sociology, history and technology studies.

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Mohamed Musbah is the Director of Product at the Microsoft Research Montréal lab, a lab focused on state-of-the art research that aims to teach machines to read, think and communicate like humans. He leads the productization of research and development alongside the applied research and engineering teams. 

Previously, Mohamed was the Vice President of Product at Maluuba, a natural language startup founded in Waterloo and acquired by Microsoft in 2017. Mohamed holds a BSE in software engineering from the University of Waterloo and has worked in product management roles at Microsoft and Facebook.

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