Co-Founder and Managing Director, Mandulis Energy

Peter BenHur Nyeko

Speaking Session:

Disruptive Innovation Securing Africa’s Sustainable Energy Future

Wednesday, June 19 @ 2:05 PM – 2:30 PM Stage B

Mandulis Energy takes a unique, holistic approach to energy that goes beyond electrons, connecting investment in utility scale energy infrastructure with economic development in the surrounding rural farming communities. Peter BenHur Nyeko will show how a focus on enhancing the livelihoods of rural farming households creates a virtuous cycle, seeding demand and supply. This integrated strategy ensures energy security alongside food security, poverty alleviation and climate resilience.

Peter BenHur Nyeko is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mandulis Energy, a cleantech startup and social enterprise focused on delivering affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to drive economic development in urban and rural communities. Mandulis leads the development of Earth Energy, which will be Africa’s largest grid-tied biomass gasification power plant, as well as the off-grid REPARLE Project, using renewable energy to power agriculture and enhance the livelihoods of thousands of rural smallholder farmers in Uganda. 

Peter has founded other businesses in Uganda, and has worked in renewable energy finance, education, transport and logistics. He has an MEng in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Bristol. 

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