President, KYC Solutions, Inc.

Robert Mazur

Speaking Session:

Underworld Innovations: The Invisible Network

Wednesday, June 19 @ 1:15 PM - 1:45 PM Stage A

Approximately $1.7 trillion is generated globally from illegal activities every year. The operators of organized crime syndicates can’t simply deposit that money at their local bank branch, so they have developed elaborate systems for money laundering. Robert Mazur will share his insider knowledge of how the system of financial crime functions: where it is and how to find it.

As a deep undercover agent working in law enforcement agencies for countries including the US, UK and France, Robert gathered evidence that led to some of the largest money laundering prosecutions in history. The Infiltrator, a feature film starring Bryan Cranston was based on Robert’s New York Times bestselling book about his own distinguished career. Read More

Robert Mazur is the President of KYC Solutions, Inc., a firm that provides speaking, expert witness and consulting services to companies worldwide. He is a highly-decorated federal agent with a 27-year career in three U.S. agencies, much of which was spent undercover as a conduit between drug barons and corrupt senior executives that cleaned billions in illicit money through otherwise respectable international banks and businesses.

Robert is the New York Times bestselling author of The Infiltrator, a memoir about his undercover life, and the basis for the feature film by the same name, starring Bryan Cranston. His clients, some of the most famous and deadly drug cartel bosses, offered a $1/2 million price tag for his head when arrests were made around the world.

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