CEO and Co-founder, Avro Life Science

Shak Lakhani

Speaking Session:

Digital Advances in Pharma - Bleeding Edge or Bleeding Capital?

Wednesday, June 19 @ 12:20 PM - 12:25 PM Stage B

What role will digital advances play in changing core industry processes like drug discovery, clinical trials and pharmaceutical design and development, and at what cost? Avro Life Sciences CEO, Shak Lakhani will explore and evaluate the utility of digital health technology for driving innovation and product development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Shak Lakhani is the CEO and Co-founder of Avro Life Science, a biotech startup developing skin patches for drug delivery. He developed the first iterations of Avro’s novel drug-delivering polymers and now leads business development and day-to-day operations. 

He began his research career at the age of 15, spending his summers and after school hours working in the McGuigan Lab for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine at the University of Toronto before founding Avro during his studies in nanotechnology engineering at the University of Waterloo. Shak is an alumni of Y-Combinator, the Creative Destruction Lab and the Bayer Grants4Apps program. 

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