Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Shopify

Tobi Lütke

Speaking Session:

The New Era of Entrepreneurship

Thursday, June 20 @ 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM Stage A

New technology is creating a resurgence of entrepreneurship, after decades of decline. Shopify’s CEO Tobi Lütke will discuss the future of commerce and the opportunity for sustainable entrepreneurship not just in Canada, but around the world. Moderated by Rosemary Barton, host of CBC’s The National, this session will explore the state of entrepreneurship, how to build an environment where it thrives and flourishes, and the many ways technology is changing the face of commerce.

Tobi Lütke is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shopify. In 2004, he began building software to launch an online snowboard store called Snowdevil. It quickly became obvious that the software was more valuable than the snowboards, so Tobi and his founding team launched the Shopify platform in 2006.

Tobi is an active advocate for computer literacy and education, and serves as a board member of Canada Learning Code, an organization working to give all Canadians access to digital skills. He served as Chair of the Digital Industries Table, an advisory board commissioned by the federal government to provide recommendations on how to turn Canada into a digital leader.

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