CEO and Co-founder, Knowledgehook

Travis Ratnam

Speaking Session:

Transforming Education Systems for the Autonomous Age

Thursday, June 20 @ 10:45 AM - 10:50 AM Stage B

As society transitions from a world of working with tools, toward a world where tools automatically do our work, how can education systems modernize to inspire a new generation of world-class problem solvers for an autonomous age. The session will examine a timeline of work and tool making, the future of teachers and K-12 systems and the transformation of instructional guidance systems.

Travis Ratnam is the CEO and co-founder of Knowledgehook, an instructional guidance system that helps students learn more effectively by recommending expert-designed teaching activities based on data collected on each student’s learning needs.

Travis is an electrical engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo and a former program manager from Microsoft.

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